Pepperl+Fuchs” Transflective Flat Panel Monitors are specifically designed to deliver the high viewability needed in applications with direct sunlight, as well as the robust operation for harsh outdoor environments and/or continuous-duty applications. Unlike a standard transmissive LCD where lights from the backlight pass through the LCD layer to combat ambient light, a transflective LCD reflects and transmits light, actually leveraging the ambient light to improve visibility across the widest range of ambient light conditions. These 15-inch flat panel monitors are rated for use in temperatures ranging from -10 C to 55 C. They accept standard VGA or NTSC inputs from a PC or video camera source. In addition, they can multi-sync to any standard video mode from 640×480 to 1600×1200 at scan rates from 60 to 75 Hz, without image distortion or flicker. The DM5xx are 12 VDC powered displays, powered from an external power supply to keep heat away from the monitor, maximizing reliability and operating life.