KNF Neuberger”sType NPK04micro-miniature swing-piston pumps are high-performance, compactsolutions for transferring, evacuating and compressing air. The unitsareextremely small (2.5 in. long) and deliver free flowrates up tofourLPM. Versions can be optimized to generate significantly increasedvacuum (up to 21 in. Hg) or pressure (maximum 45 PSIG). Typical OEMapplications include medical and analytical instruments, ink-jetprinters, and devices or equipment requiring reliable pneumatics, amongothers. The unique designincorporates a swing piston, which enables the pump to move mediaoil-free. Users can specify either standard DC motors orbrushless DC motors for longer life; optional logic speed controlinterface; and low EMI/RFI. All NPK04 pumpsoperate maintenance-free, run quietly with minimal vibration, andprovide sustained energy-efficient service. They can operate inany position and are supplied ready for installation. Standard pumps can be customized to meet particular OEM requirements.