FC-0415-TransducersDirectThe new TDEPD electronic pressure transducer/switch from Transducers Direct introduces a patented, programmable marquee display that can be set to revolve, hold at a fixed angle, or inverted for upside down installations of the sensor. Selectable red/green display colors allow the sensor to be programmed to provide a variety of visual cues signaling the pressure, condition and readiness of a fluid power system. OEM/private-labeled models can even be programmed with custom displays. The TDEPD includes proprietary Spike Monitoring Technology (SMT). Coupled with a sub-millisecond update time, SMT allows the sensor to capture and record short-duration "explosions" of hydraulic overpressure to protect the transducer and fluid-power system. SMT records spikes at 120 percent of rated pressure, and the number of spikes and maximum pressure recorded can be reviewed on the display using the sensor's programming buttons. The TDEPD is all-digital with field-selectable, industry-standard outputs.

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