Wright Pump”s TRA400 centrifugal pumps are available in five models in both volute and nonvolute styles. Each pump is machined from 316L stainless steel or other high-quality alloy bar and plates, eliminating the problems associated with traditional castings, such as cracks, pits, shrink, and high-ferrite content that may cause rouging in pure-water systems. The pumps” Softsterile flushing system (patent pending) for double-seal applications eliminates the difficult-to-inspect external piping common to high-purity centrifugal pumps. There is no need for multiple connections, gaskets, elbows, bent tubes, and/or compression fittings, which can be sources of contamination, misalignment, and gasket extrusion. A unique diaphragm valve body, which is machined directly into its casing, eliminates “dead leg” conditions common to centrifugal pumps. The valve body permits a flush-face fit with the pumps’ interior contour, allowing the diaphragm to be swept continuously with product during operation to achieve zero dead-leg casing drain. The patent-pending drains are ½” in diameter; larger sizes are available upon request. In addition, all models include stainless steel flange adapters and are shipped with comprehensive material certification and testing documentation for installation qualification. The pumps support flow capacities up to 320 GPM with pressures as great as 190 PSI at viscosities to 2700 SSU with temperatures to 380 F.