Mid-West Instrument”s Models 140-142 pressure gauges now provide alow-cost, loop-powered eight to 28 Vdc two wire four to 20 mAtransmitter for a variety of applications. The transmitter is containedin an aluminum housing with 1/2″ NPT wire access for easy access forfield wiring. Accuracy is +/- 2 percent from 20 percent to 100 percentof full scale. Indicator accuracy is also +/- 2 percent full scale andis independent of the transmitter output. This design provides total separation of high and low pressures by aconvoluted elastomer diaphragm. The units are available withpressure-containing elements of aluminum, brass, or 316 SS. Safeworking pressure for aluminum and 316 SS is 3,000 PSIG, and for brassit’s 1,500 PSIG. Full over-range protection is provided to full safeworking pressure. Differential-pressure ranges from zero to 20 in. H20to zero to 100 PSID (zero to 50 mbar to zero to seven bar) Gauge frontsare reinforced, engineered plastics to eliminate corrosion.