Chemineer’s Model 20 HT/GT top-entering agitators feature a swing-out seal change design for seal maintenance and reduced maintenance cost. With the Model 20 HT/GT agitators, there is no need to lift or remove the gearbox. For replacement of the mechanical seal, simply rotate the gearbox 90 degrees around the pivot pin. The top of the seal pedestal opens for a line-of-site view and room for removal of the coupling half and seal assembly. The agitators are designed for a range of service in the chemical, pharmaceutical, ethanol and biofuels, water and wastewater, FGD, power, and other general process industries. The agitators feature a high-efficiency gearbox with helical gearing and a parallel shaft configuration designed specifically for agitator service. The agitators also feature a modular design package that reduces the number of replacement parts that need to be carried in inventory by the user. The agitators support a range of speeds and are designed to meet AGMA, OSHA, ANSI, IEC, DIN, EU and ATEX standards and requirements. A variety of seal options are also available.