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As we turn the calendar from 2013 to 2014, it’s informative to look back at the past year on to discover the articles that resonated most with you, our visitors. This year’s most-viewed articles highlight some key application issues, such as gas measurement, SCADA cybersecurity, valve sizing, and pump cavitation, as well as technology solutions from Coriolis flowmeters to thermowells.

Interestingly, one of the recurring themes of this year’s most-viewed articles list was flowmeter straight-run piping requirements. Though most flowmeter manufacturers publish recommended upstream and downstream straight-run piping requirements for their flowmeters, it appear straight-run piping remains a troublesome concept for many of our readers. It’s hard to draw a singular conclusion on why this issue remains such a hot-button; perhaps users are ignoring the straight-run piping specifications provided with their flowmeters; perhaps the specified straight-run piping requirements are insufficient; perhaps the issues users are experiencing with their flow measurements have nothing to do with straight-run piping; or perhaps the concerns stem from a little bit of all of these factors …

Anyway, without further ado, here I present 2013’s 10 most-viewed articles on Happy New Year, and best wishes for a prosperous and productive 2014. Cheers!


Coriolis Flowmeters for Gas Measurement
Advanced features serve the needs of a complex measurement

By Tonya Wyatt, Micro Motion



Sizing Actuated Control Valves
Do you really understand your application requirements?

By Jody Malo, Singer Valve


Cybersecurity & Your SCADA Network
Recommendations for protecting systems in the digital age

By Jeffery Mayger and Len Robbins, Guardian Flow Systems


PUMP GUY MAILBAG: Minimum Flow with Variable Speed
Operating in a world where motor speeds are no longer fixed

By Larry Bachus, Bachus Company, Inc.


Part I: Considering a Large-Line Orifice Plate Flowmeter
How Much Straight-Run Pipe Is Really Needed to Produce the Desired Results?

By David W. Spitzer, Spitzer & Boyes, LLC


The History & Evolution of Thermal Flowmeters
Innovation abounds as technology suppliers jockey for competitive advantage

By Jesse Yoder, Flow Research, Inc.


QUIZ CORNER: What’s the Purpose of Straight Run Pipe in Flowmeter Installations?

By David W. Spitzer, Spitzer & Boyes, LLC


The Pump Guy’s Quick & Easy Tips for Resolving 85% of Cavitation Issues

By Matt Migliore, Flow Control magazine


Do Your Thermowells Meet the ASME Standard?

By Mitchell P. Johnson, J.D. and Allan G. Gilson, P.E.


QUIZ CORNER: How Much Straight Run Is Required for an Orifice Plate Flowmeter?

By David W. Spitzer, Spitzer & Boyes, LLC


Matt Migliore is the director of content for Flow Control magazine and He can be reached at Follow Matt on Google+.