As we ring in the new year, we look back at what resonated most with our website visitors in the year that was. The following list highlights the 10 most-viewed articles of 2014 on Best wishes for a happy, healthy and prosperous 2015.

10. Part II: Back to Basics
The ‘New Guy’ steps out on a troubleshooting mission

It was a warm day in June when I was called out to the unit at about 2 p.m. after a shutdown due to low reactor feed flow. New to the plant and on my own, I had to rely on my knowledge of basics to troubleshoot the problem.

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9. 4 Key Trends in Pressure Transmitter Technology

A soon-to-be-published research study by Flow Research shows the pressure transmitter market has grown substantially over the past several years.

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8. The Future of DCS
How larger trends in industrial engineering are influencing process automation technology

Process automation systems have, arguably, never been more important, and the selection and implementation of distributed control systems (DCS) is central to the modern industrial automation challenge.

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7. Flowmeter Accuracy Matters
Considering flowmeter performance in the light of extreme low-end velocities in energy measurement

As the emphasis on energy efficiency increases, so too does our dependence on flow measurement devices for process energy measurement.

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6. To Calibrate or Not to Calibrate

Understanding when and why your flowmeters need to be calibrated

Failure to calibrate flowmeters can negatively impact performance, while calibrating too frequently can result in excessive costs without providing any benefits.

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5. Addressing the Big Bang

Prevention strategies for water hammer in SAGD process pipelines

Water Hammer (pressure surge) is a pressure wave caused by a sudden change in water velocity. The phrase “water hammer” originates from the hammering sound that plumbing makes inside a house when faucets are turned on or off quickly.

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4. RTDs vs. Thermocouples
Which technology should you use for your process application?

Temperature is the most measured parameter across many industries. RTDs and thermocouples are the most common sensor types used in industrial processes. But which is the best choice for your process?

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3. PUMP GUY MAILBAG: Liquid Force

The difference between ‘Head’ and ‘Pressure’ in pumping systems

I have a question after reading your previous article in Flow Control (“Rocket Science,” July 2014, page 40). Can you explain further how the head will not be affected by changing the liquid handled?

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2. Coriolis vs. Ultrasonic Flowmeters

Comparing and contrasting two popular solutions for flow measurement

It is interesting to compare Coriolis and ultrasonic flowmeters, as a great deal of new product development is occurring with both of these meter types.

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1. PUMP GUY MAILBAG: Minimum Acceptable Flow for Effective Pump Operation

Larry, Please enlighten me. For a constant speed centrifugal process pump, what is the minimum stable acceptable flow for safe operation?

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