Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) missed its July 17 deadline to finish Step 1 of Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power station”s recovery plan, according to a report by Industrial Info Resources.

As TEPCO continues into Step 2, some major issues that remain to be completed revolve around stable cooling of the reactors. As reported by Industrial Info Resources, the on-site water treatment facility is only operating at approximately 50 percent of its full capacity. TEPCO plans to pull standing, irradiated water from the units, decontaminate it, then recycle it back to the reactors in order to cool them. However, the recent typhoon Ma-on brought more rain to Fukushima prefecture, raising water levels within the units again. There are concerns that irradiated water will seep into the water table if overflow occurs.

Another unresolved issue from Step 1, is the removal of debris around Fukushima Daiichi. Due to the high, but declining, radiation levels, debris removal has been a tedious process done remotely with cranes and robots. Industrial Info says radiation levels have also impeded the improvement of working conditions.??

Step 2 includes the end result of cold shutdown and TEMPCO will shift focus to lowering radiation, while also resolving outstanding issues like stable reactor cooling and water decontamination..

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