ITT Industries” ProActivity initiative is designed to improve pumpmaintenance and performance by bringing together multiple ITT resources that werepreviously offered as separate services. Phase One of ProActivity is a system-level survey. The review takes oneor two days and includes a plant walk-through, data gathering, andinterviews with key personnel. Its findings determine whether Phase Twosupport will generate a significant return on investment.In Phase Two, a team of ProActivity consultants conduct an assessmentand analysis that takes up to three months. They useproprietary software to provide a picture of theoperation’s pump performance. The data collected includes maintenancerecords, energy usage, pump curves, inventory effectiveness, conditionmonitoring processes, skills needs analysis, and repair procedures. Theassessment can be used to make recommended changes independently or toreceive additional implementation support from ITT. In Phase Three, an embedded specialist joins the organization’s team asan on-site pump reliability specialist, providing ongoing consultation,technical assistance, and execution support. The embedded specialistalso provides a direct link to the extended team of ITT experts andresources – including energy performance services, machine healthmonitoring, training, remanufacture and repair, inventory management,and engineering and design solutions.