Humphrey Products”HEA/HEB Series solenoid valves are thin, compact, and can be configuredin many different ways for design flexibility to meet a variety ofapplication requirements, including high-pressure operation. The valvesare 10 mm wide, deliver a 0.07 Cv flowrate, have a fast response time(6ms when ON and 7ms when OFF), and are available in a standard0.55-watt version or a low-power, 0.15-watt version. The valves can bemounted as a single unit, single unit with base piping, or on varioustypes of manifolds. The HEA Series solenoid valves come in two-way,three-way, and four-way with two, three, and five-port configurations.They are also available with double solenoids. The HEB Series solenoidvalves come in two-way and three-way, with two and three-portconfigurations. The valves are available as normally open or normallyclosed. Port sizes include M3, 10-32 UNF, and 1/8″ NPT.  Allvalves have a pressure rating from 29-102 PSIG.