GF Piping Systems’ CALORPLAST thermoplastic all-welded heat exchanger is for heating or cooling in highly corrosive applications. The product line includes immersion, shell-and-tube, tube-plate, gas-liquid, and flexible heat exchangers. The materials of construction include PVDF (polyvinylidene), Polyethylene, and Polypropylene. The exchangers are a good fit for heating of pickling acid solutions, electroplating, anodizing, removing heat from chemical dilution reactions, steel processing, material processing, and for acid recovery systems. The heating/cooling media can include saturated steam or hot water up to 35 PSIG at 281 F and chilled water or water/glycol solutions. The heat exchanger module includes a patented injection-overmolded-tube-to-header connection to ensure durable joint. The heat exchangers are custom-designed to meet specific needs of each application. Performance characteristics include: chemical inertness, no stray currents, all-welded construction, low fouling, low-pressure drops, and large heat-transfer area in a confined space with a self-supporting structure. –