Spirax Sarco”s TD120M thermodynamic steam trap is engineered for pressure rating of up to 3190 PSIG. The device is a good fit for draining saturated and superheated steam mains in the O.P.C and power generation industries. With its maintainable disc and seat, the steam trap can be serviced in-line and is a considerable benefit to customers with welded installations. The trap has a distinct on-off cycle, making it easy to test with many steam trap testing devices. The device includes an integral sintered stainless steel strainer, a replaceable hardened seat and disc, and the trap does not need a water seal to operate. Every trap is 100-percent air tested, hydraulic tested and steam tested at the factory. The standard offering includes an alloy steel body and cover construction; chromium steel seat and disc; and sizes 1/2 in. (15mm), 3/4 in. (20mm), and one-inch (25mm). Standard socket weld available options include butt weld and flanged ANSI1500.