Sage Metering”s latest generation of thermal mass flowmeter features a number of product enhancements. Sensor signal immunity ensures the meter is protected from RFI, electrical noise, environmental influences, shock, vibration, etc. The flow signal is 10 times more sensitive, offering 1/10 the signal noise of previous models. High-resolution, five-volt voltage reference is accurate to three decimal points (4.9997). A large transistor amplifier dissipates heat away from circuit boards, so all components are kept well below temperature limitations. The meter supports RS232 (Sage VIP) or labview menu servers. A new touch-screen shortcut allows users to easily switch the flowmeter channels (for different gas calibrations or menu settings). Users no longer need a laptop to invoke the calibration procedure, as the raw sensor milliwatts (mw) reading can now be viewed directly on the meter”s display by selecting RTD power from the Analysis Menu.