Fox FT3 FlowmeterFox Thermal Instruments’ Model FT3 Thermal Mass Flowmeter and Temperature Transmitter features CAL-V — In Situ Calibration Validation Routine; HART and RS485 Modbus; infrared buttons; standard USB port; and FT3 View — software for configuring, graphing and logging data. The model was designed for pure or mixed-gas applications, but it is a good fit for applications at refineries, petrochemical plants, and natural gas gathering/processing plants. In addition the meter can be used for heavy industrial applications in metals, paper, glass, and ceramics. Other features are dual 4-20mA outputs (one for flow and the second selectable for flow or temperature) and pulse output (pulses per unit/units per pulse). The unit performs a calibration validation test under actual operating conditions — in the pipe and at normal flow. –