The rotatable housing—why is it needed, and how do I do it?
Thermal flow meters measure flow in one direction, and when the meter is installed care needs to be taken to ensure the meter is installed in the direction of the flow arrow on the unit, which is the direction it was calibrated in. At Magnetrol we calibrate with flow going from left to right so depending on the application the display may not be facing the user or they would be inclined to install with the flow arrow in the wrong direction in order to see the display since the NPT threads did not allow for rotation. With the straight threads we use now the user can loosen a set screw at the bottom-front of the housing and rotate the head to the desired location, and then tighten it back down. A standard 2.5mm Allen key can be used. There is a second set screw in place to prevent over-rotation of the housing. The rotatable head allows the user to place the order without having to specify the direction of flow in the application simplifying ordering and installation.