During a Jan. 13, 2016 webinar, Autodesk experts James Herzing, simulation marketing specialist, and Ryan Abel, technical sales subject matter expert, will discuss how understanding the fluid flow performance of equipment — such as pumps, valves and heat exchangers — affects its success. With computational fluid dynamics (CFD), equipment can be improved during the design phase to help engineers understand key flow characteristics. These include:

  • Flow rate and velocity with turbulence insights
  • Pressure drop and cavitation impact
  • Temperature distribution and heat transfer

Engineers involved in management, design, testing and/or quality assurance should attend this webinar along with anyone interested in understanding how to improve equipment performance. This Q&A provided by Herzing and Abel reveals more reasons to attend the educational webinar.

What is the basic definition of CFD simulation?

CFD is the use of applied mathematics, physics and computational software to visualize how a gas or liquid flows. CFD is based on the Navier-Stokes equations.

What are some ways that CFD simulation improves equipment operation?

Insight into product performance leads to making equipment better, faster and cheaper. Specifically CFD simulation allows for product testing to be conducted faster than any other method available. Meeting or exceeding equipment flowrates, pressure and operating temperature are the most common.

What are some basic areas in which CFD helps lower costs and increase performance and reliability of equipment?

Reducing the need for physical prototypes and being able to fine tune parts for optimized performance results in lower a cost of production by eliminating design iterations and allowing for less expensive parts to be used. This upfront analysis also helps ensure that parts will not fail under worst case scenarios that are not easily tested with physical models, providing increased reliability for equipment.

What three key takeaways can attendees expect after participating in this webinar?

  • The types of flow control problems that CFD can solve
  • What makes Autodesk CFD different from other commercial products
  • The ease of use through a live product demonstration


Fluid Flow: Improving Product Performance & Reliability

Wednesday, Jan. 13, 2016

10 a.m. Eastern Standard Time

To attend the live event, click here to register.