There are 6,322 active U.S. industrial projects totaling $379 billion that are scheduled to begin construction in 2014, according to Industrial Info's Industrial Project Database.

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At the end of January 2013, about $288 billion worth of industrial projects were scheduled to begin construction for the remainder of the year.

The database shows that there are more than 780 projects totaling about $71 billion, with Texas having the most, accounting for 19 percent of the value of industrial projects scheduled to begin construction in 2014.

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The second largest state is Louisiana, with 379 projects totaling $45.7 billion. California is third-largest, with 338 projects totaling $30.5 billion.

Rounding out the top 10 is Indiana, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Oregon, Alaska, and Nevada.

The Oil & Gas Production Industry has grown dramatically over the past year with 75 projects totaling $24 billion, passing the Chemical Processing and Power industries as the top industry for planned projects in Texas, according to Industrial Info.

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