ITT Goulds Pumps” “The World of Pumps Quiz” is an online challenge for pump users to answer questions related to pumping systems applications open through April 10, 2012. For each correct answer, ITT will make a donation to the global Emergency Cardiovascular Care Program, which is supported by the American Heart Association and its global partners. The link between the quiz and the Emergency Cardiovascular Care Program is designed to call attention to the role that pumps play in modern life, i.e., as the “heart” of many industrial processes.

Over the 20 weeks of the “World of Pumps Quiz,” participants can answer up to 10 questions — a new one every two weeks. Question topics range from pump applications to pump technology, with particular emphasis on Goulds Pumps.

The first question of the quiz is: “There is a mine using a new process for nickel mining that features more than 200 slurry pumps from ITT Goulds Pumps. Where is it?

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