Spraying Systems Co”s AccuCoat low-pressurespray system is designed for applying heated viscous coatings, such aschocolate. It provides temperature control and accurateapplication of the coating solution on the target with minimal waste. The systemuses closed-loop temperature control to ensure liquid temperature ismaintained and waste caused by coatings that are too warm or too cool. The system controller monitors multiple temperaturesensors and makes automatic adjustments as needed to maintain thedesired temperature. Liquid lines and spray nozzles are fully jacketed;air lines can be heated as well if needed. Unlike high-pressure spray systems where misting and overspray may result in waste ofthe coating material and excessive cleanup, the AccuCoat systemis designed to apply a precise volume of the liquid to the target with minimalexcess. Common uses include spraying chocolate, sugar slurries, oils andother ingredients and barriers on a wide range of products.