LJ StarL.J. Star’s Teflon Lined Sight Flow Indicator is designed to withstand harsh chemicals and solvents known to react with metal and quickly break down standard. These flanged units provide a clear view of highly corrosive chemical processes even at high pressures, and at temperatures up to 500 F. With the exception of the window, the Teflon PFA lining covers all chemically exposed surfaces of the sight flow indicator. For exceptionally demanding applications, shields made of FEP, KEL-F or mica are also available to protect the sight glass. For vacuum service, clear PFA can be bonded to the window to eliminate separation of the shield and glass. The sight-flow indicators are available in seven sizes, ranging from 1 to 8 inches. Choices include 150 PSI or 300 PSI versions, and models that incorporate drip tube or flutter-flow indicators. Most models feature ultra-sturdy investment cast bodies fitted with independently bolted glass retainers, depending on size. For added safety, view-through units are available with Metaglas lenses. – ljstar.com