L.J. Star FittingA patent has been awarded to L.J. Star for its TCI ClampConnect, a sanitary fitting that is designed to make sterile/clean-in-place processes more sanitary by eliminating the dead leg of ordinary ferrule fittings that can harbor air pockets and trapped undissolved materials that can enable bacteria growth. With its standard sanitary clamp connection, the fitting can be used for attaching process system components to reactors and tanks in pharmaceutical and biotech industries. The aseptic flush-mount design of the TCI ClampConnect enables sight glasses, lights, rupture disks, and instrumentation to be connected directly to the mounting connection at the process vessel, without the need for an intervening ferrule. In a closed process system, a section of pipe that does not have a flow-though may prevent cleaning media from adequately penetrating the dead leg. The fitting is available to fit connections ranging in sizes from 1/2-inch through 8 inches. Made of 316 stainless steel or other stainless steel alloys, it is electropolished to a hygienic 25 Ra finish. It is suitable for applications up to100 PSIG at 400 F, depending on size and gasket material. The fitting meets all ASME standards. – www.ljstar.com