Madison Company’s TL Series Tape Level Indicators are designed for liquid level indication where no electrical power is available. A good fit for 30- or 55-gallon remote and mobile tanks, these devices incorporate a magnetic float and a standard tape measure blade that is sealed in a liquid-tight tube. Only the stem and float come in contact with liquid, so the tape stays clean and easy-to-read. The retractable steel tape magnetically latches to the level position of the magnetic float. The liquid level in the tank is determined by sliding the tape out of the stem tube and reading the aligning graduation mark on the tape when the magnetic interlock is felt. The TL Series includes three models — brass stem and fitting with a BUNA-N float, stainless steel stem and fitting with a polypropylene float, and a stainless steel stem and fitting with a stainless steel float — with total lengths of up to six feet available. The level indicators are a good fit for marine applications, industrial fire extinguishers, chemical drums, and underground liquid storage.