When the industry gathers in New York this month for the International Pharmaceutical Expo (INTERPHEX), it will take in the latest in pharmaceutical innovation and knowledge from key players in the market. Pharmaceutical manufacturing contains challenges unique to its process, and fluid handling professionals must take care to ensure they contribute to sanitary, efficient and precise methods. While you’re exploring the show floor, stop by and visit with us at Booth 4034. Meanwhile, see a preview of the show on page 27.

This issue focuses on the pharmaceutical industry. The cover series opens with an article by PendoTECH on flow sensing technologies for biopharmaceutical applications. L.J. Star continues the series with an overview of improved sight glass accessories for the market.

Millipore Sigma , bioreactor, INTERPHEX

Millipore Sigma presented its bioreactor at INTERPHEX 2016.

Next in our special section on valves and actuators, L&T Valves Limited discusses thermoplastic technologies and bonnet extensions. Pentair then presents a case for valve standardization’s importance, which is followed by SPX Flow’s article on homogenizer valve maintenance.

Variable frequency drives are an important piece of pump systems, so ITT PRO Services discusses a next-generation solution for pump control and protection. Finally, don’t forget to check out David W. Spitzer’s Application Corner and Quiz Corner.

As trade show season begins to ramp up, I am excited to learn more about the industry and experience its continual progress. Follow us on Twitter and visit FlowControlNetwork.com for the latest updates.