T. Boone Pickens, chairman of BP Capital Management (www.bpcap.net), addressed the Southern Growth Policies Board (www.southern.org) at its annual conference in Biloxi, Miss. earlier this week, predicting significant energy legislation in the United States this year, according to a report by the Boston Herald (www.bostonherald.com).

Pickens, who has been a proponent of renewable energy and less foreign oil in recent years, said he see promise for renewable forms of energy, such as natural gas, wind and solar power. The Herald reports that Pickens also expressed frustration that the United States has gone 40 years without developing an energy plan and encouraged those in attendance at the conference to put pressure on Washington to “produce solutions.”

According to the Herald’s report, Pickens said he is most concerned about the United States’ reliance on foreign oil because it poses a security threat. “The biggest fear I have is the security issue. As long as we import the oil from where it is coming from, our security is in jeopardy,” Pickens is quoted as saying in the Herald’s report.

Still, the Herald reports that Pickens expressed hope for alternatives to gasoline and diesel fuel, particularly in the form of natural gas, which he singled out due to its abundance in the United States.

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