EagleBurgmann”s DiamondFaces material is a synthetically manufactured, ultrapure diamond with the same characteristics as a natural diamond. A DiamondFaces microcrystalline coating of 8-µm thickness on a silicon carbide seal face is capable of extending the life of the seal, reducing maintenance costs, and minimizing lifecycle costs for pump users. While SiC/SiC material pairings have become popular for seal faces during the last 10 to15 years, they perform worry-free only if adequate lubrication is maintained in the sealing gap. Any form of insufficient lubrication results in rapid and massive temperature increases, which damages the sliding faces and secondary seals (O-rings). In extreme cases, the time to total failure of the sliding faces can be just a few seconds. Combining SiC seal faces with DiamondFaces coating allows dry-running periods up to several hours without any excessive heat build-up. In an analysis of the service life of pump components, it was found that mechanical seals, with an average service life of only 1.2-years, are the weakest link in terms of pump components, compared to the next weakest component, bearings, with an average service life of 3-years. To minimize pump repairs and downtime, it would be advantageous to pump operators if the average service life of the mechanical seals increased to match the service life of the bearings. According to EagleBurgmann, mechanical seals coated with DiamondFaces substantially increases the service life of mechanical seals. By increasing the service life of mechanical seals EagleBurgmann says approximately every second pump repair, along with associated downtime and production disruption, can be avoided.