ScientificTechnologies’ DataDolphin 320 data monitor offers NEMA-6P/IP68protection for laboratory-grade accuracy in the field. The monitorprovides data monitoring and recording in temperatures rangingfrom -40 C to over 60 C. A good fit for applications such asinterconnecting weir monitoring, tidal studies, stream and rivermonitoring, and remote environmental studies. Four single-endedor differential high precision inputs provide 24-bit digital to analogconversion. Built-in analog and digital filters eliminate the need forexternal signal conditioning. Four standard precision inputsaccept pulse, on/off status, event start/stop, and analog signals with10-bit digital to analog conversion. Wireless communicationoptions include cellular modem, spread spectrum radio, or WiFi.Standard wired communications are also provided using RS-232 serialconnections. Data is stored in anonvolatile flash memory for worry-free, long-term storage. Data ishoused inside a database structure, which allows the adding or deletingof inputs and changing of the sample rate without having to restartthe data monitor. Based on an average sampling rate of fiveminutes on two inputs, it would take well over three years for theDD-320’s memory to reach capacity.