Orange Research”sliquid and air & gas flow transmitters are designed forapplications involving high line pressures from 1,500 to 5,000 PSIG.With durable variable-area flow sensors, these models cover liquidflowrates from zero to 30 GPM  (zero to 115 LPM) and air & gasflowrates from zero to 100 SCFM (zero to 850 SLPM). The transmittersincorporate solid-state, Hall-effect sensors to transform flowmeasurements into electrical outputs. Every transmitteris capable of providing voltage, current, frequency, or RS 232 output.The user simply selects the output desired. Built-in temperaturecompensation is designed to ensure that the output of the transmitterdoes not drift. Each transmitter can be installed as a three- orfour-wire connection. Safety ratings include Nema-4X, IP65, IP66, UL,and ATEX. The flow transmitters also are available with optional dialsfor local readout. Dials can include plastic or shatterproof lenses,liquid filling, red arc, multicolor arc, and dual scales. O-ringoptions include Viton, EPDM, fluorosilicone and Teflon. Flowtransmitters are installed in-line and can be oriented horizontally orvertically.