Asahi/America”sPP-Pure high-purity piping system features pigmentedPolypropylene for pure-water applications. The piping system supports asize range of 1/2″ to 12 inches. The line is manufactured under stringentpurity requirements, where pipe and fittings are extensively cleanedand double bagged. The final product purity makes it a good fit for pure water applications with semiconductor, photovoltaic,institutional and bio-pharm users where system costs are a majorconcern. The large sizerange, extending up to 12″ (315mm), makes the line a good fit for largefacility expansion projects. The line is available in 150 PSI pressure rating (SDR 11) andoffers a complete range of fittings and valves. For systems requiring stringent purity, PP-Pure can leverage Asahi/America’s SP Series IRfusion equipment, which features a fully automated welding process andforce controlled joining process.