EMCO Flow Systems”Sono-Trak Doppler ultrasonic flowmeter is designed for measuringfluids containing suspended particles or bubbles, includingagricultural water, hazardous wastes, extremelyviscous substances, reservoir outflows, raw sewage, paper pulp andslurries. Supports pipe sizes from two inches to 100 inches. Theflowmeter is obstruction-less, produces no associated pressures dropsand provides accuracy ratings of +/-2.0 percent of full scale fromone  ft/sec to 30 ft/sec and repeatability of +/-0.01 percent ofrate. The meter”s display reads pulse, voltage and analog rates, aswell as provides built-in high/low limit alarms, 4-20-mA signalsand an echo light to indicate readings. Its digital signal allows forcable lengths up to 5,000 ft, and the flowmeter provides noiseimmunity to variable frequency drives (VFD). Rated for temperaturesfrom -40 F to 300 F and a velocity range of 0.1 ft/sec to 50 ft/sec. Nomoving parts and available in both fixed and portable units.