Swagelok”s SSVseries stream selector system delivers a representative sample frommultiple sample streams to a single analyzer. These modular assembliesare ANSI/ISA 76.00.02 compatible and are designed to accommodate multiple processstreams in a limited amount of space. Each stream is controlled by adouble-block and bleed (DBB) module to eliminate cross contaminationand maintain sample integrity. Based on amodular technology concept, these valves house double-block, bleed, andactuation functions within a single, compact module to reduce the totalspace needed to perform sample stream selection and overallinstallation time. As system requirements change, modules can be addedor removed. The SSV seriesstream selector system features an integrated flow loop to streamlinesampling and purging and provide consistent outlet flow. Regardless ofwhich stream is selected, the flowrates of all streams remainconsistent.