MTS Sensors”new housing options for its C-Series sensors are lighter and lessintrusive than previous models, and they offer IP67 environmentalprotection.  The housing provide a no-fastener construction, whichensures the assembly will be robust in the harshest of environments.The lighter design offers increased application flexibility, lessmaintenance, and fewer parts. The improved housing supports anincreased range of liquid-level applications by enabling thefloat-housed magnet to take advantage of the full operating range ofthe sensor. The C-Series Core sensor, used in the housing, is designedfor use in higher-volume OEM products, such as medical devices, smallcutting/fastening/forming tools, and various consumer products,especially those with extreme environments.  The Core sensorelectronics fit completely inside a 36 mm (1.4 in) by 23 mm (0.91 in)cylindrical package.  The sensor supports zero-to-five VDC or PWMoutput, and it can be powered with a standard five-volt power supply.