McCrometer”sV-Cone flowmeter is designed for extreme processenvironments, such as extracting oil from tar sands, which include acombination of crude bitumen (a semi-solid form of crude oil), silicasand, and clay minerals. The V-Cone flowmeter provides a high-accuracy,dependable flow measurement solution for oil sands production andrefining in all media. It operates in the most demanding conditions,including dirty flows, high temperatures, and high pressures withaccuracy of +/- 0.5 percent of flowrate and repeatability of+/- 0.1 percent. A no-moving parts design provides built-in flowconditioning, which also nearly eliminates the upstream/downstreamstraight pipe runs requirement. The V-Cone meter reduces typicalflowmeter straight-pipe run requirements by up to 70 percent or more,needing only zero-to-three straight pipe diameters upstream andzero-to-one downstream to operate effectively. It fits in crowdedseparation plant layouts as well as in refineries, while also reducingpipe material costs and installation labor costs. The flowmeteroperates over a wide flow range of 10-to-one and supports line sizesfrom0.5 inch to 120 inches. The testing of the V-Cone flowmeter conforms tothe American Petroleum Institute’s API 22.2 Testing Protocol fordifferential-pressure flow measurement devices.