Micropump’s miniature pumps and drives are designed for direct and indirectelectronic cooling applications. Capable of meeting modern-dayheat exchange challenges caused by faster and higher density circuittechnologies, the compact fluidic systems offer power andvolumetric efficiency, quiet operation, and lasting performance. The company’s line of electronic cooling pumps include patented electromagneticor magnetic drive gear pumps and direct-drive microannular gear pumps.All pumps combine high hydraulic efficiency with minimum powerconsumption, high flowrates for maximum heat removal, andhigh-pressure capabilities for applications such as jet impingement andspray evaporative cooling.Smooth, pulselessfluid delivery provides near noise-free operation and minimalvibrational disturbance. For maximum equipment uptime, pumps can becustom engineered with optimal materials and tolerances to fit theneeds of highly demanding heat-transfer applications.