Micropump”s microannular gear pumps are available in a low-pressure(Series ML) or high-performance (Series MH) configuration. For maximum dosageaccuracy, Series ML and MH pumps feature high-precision rotors thatprovide tight flowrate control, even at differential pressures as highas 80 bar (1,160 PSI). These rotors allow the pumps to dispense volumesas small as 0.25 microliters and handle flowrates from 0.15 to 300ml/min, with accuracies within +/- 1 percent. In addition, the pumps use geartooth forming technology that keeps pulsations to a minimum to providethe smooth, constant flow necessary in applications such as analyticallab instruments, medical diagnostics, chemical processing, fuel cells,biotechnology, micro-reaction technology, and other criticalapplication processes. Measuring as smallas 13 mm (0.51 inches) in diameter by 68 mm (2.67 inches) in length,Series ML and MH micro annular pumps are easily integrated into OEMequipment with small footprint, low weight, and short tubing lengthrequirements.