Plast-O-MaticValves” new Series GGM Gauge Guards support liquid processes to 250 PSI, which is15 PSI higher than any previously published plastic pressure rating.Gauge guards, also known as diaphragm seals or instrument isolators,are designed to protect gauges and other instruments from corrosiveliquids by the flexible, durable diaphragm in the guard, which servesas a barrier between process fluid and the instrument. The flexingcharacteristics of the diaphragm and its large sensing area provideimmediate response to even small changes in pressure or vacuum and areaccurate to 3 percent. Series GGM Gauge Guards are available with orwithout gauges in PVC, Polypropylene, or PVDF, with PTFE or FKMdiaphragm. Instrument connection sizes are 1/4″ or 1/2″ NPT with 1/2″system connection.