Emerson ProcessManagement”s Fisher Design D3 FloPro high-pressure,on-off  control valve is a globe-style valve designedfor use as a dump valve on gas separators and scrubbers. It is alsowell suited for other high-pressure applications in natural gasproduction, compression, and processing. The valve is available in one-and two-inch Class 900 NPT end connections and two-inch Class 600raised-face flanged end connections. With its ENVIRO-SEALpacking technology, the valve offers a long stem seal life. Ruggedconstruction details, like heavy-duty valve plug guiding and optionalST (super-tough) Carbide trim, provide a long service life. Fisher ST Carbide trim is designed specifically for severe serviceapplications.  Low temperature-tolerant materials allowapplications as low as -46 C (-50 F). The standard trim, valvebody, and bonnet meet the metallurgical requirements of NACE MR0175/ISO15156.