Siemens Energy & Automation”sSITRANS MPS series of pressure transmitters with submersible sensorswill not stick or clog, do not require compressed air and are notaffected by condensation or tank obstructions. The compacttransmitters feature an accuracy of 0.3 percent for hydrostatic levelmeasurements in wells, tanks, channels and dams used in oil and gas,shipbuilding and water and wastewater industries. The transmittersfeature a flush-mounted piezo-resistive sensor withstainless steel diaphragm to resist corrosion and are equipped with anelectronic circuit fitted with the sensor in a small, stainless steelhousing. The transmitters’ cables also contain a strength cord and ventpipe to ensure durability and reduce maintenance. The transmitters aretemperature-compensated to work accurately in a range of ambient andprocess temperatures. The hydrostatic pressure of the liquid columnacts on the sensor diaphragm and transmits the pressure to thepiezo-resistive bridge in the sensor. The output voltage of the sensoris applied to the electronic circuit where it is converted into anindustry-standard output current of 4-20 mA. The MPS pressuretransmitters are available in measuring ranges to meet a variety ofapplication requirements. The transmitters are available with optionalexplosion protection.