Out of more than 1,500 young scientists and engineers competing in the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair, Param Jaggi was named the winner of EPA”s 2011 Patrick H. Hurd Sustainability Award. A senior at Plano East Senior High School in Plano, Texas, Param is being recognized for his outstanding project, the Algae-Mobile 3: Bioactive Energy and Carbon Dioxide Filtration in the Exhaust of a Car. Inspiration for his project struck when Param was at a red light, looking at an idling car in front of him. His efforts support improving air quality and Americans’ health through the use of clean energy technologies.

The EPA’s award provides funding for the winning student and a chaperone to participate in and display the student’s project at EPA’s P3: People, Prosperity, and the Planet Student Design Competition for Sustainability in 2012. P3 is an annual event that brings together young environmental innovators and scientists to showcase their designs for a sustainable future.

The science and technology fair is a pre-college competition to which students advance from several levels of local and school-sponsored, regional, and state fairs showcasing their independent research. The Society for Science & the Public, a non-profit organization dedicated to public engagement in scientific research and education, founded and runs the fair.

For more information about EPA’s involvement in the science and technology fair, visit www.epa.gov/research/scievents/isef/.

For more information about P3 People, Prosperity and the Planet Student Design Competition, visit www.epa.gov/p3.