Blancett”s Model1100 turbine flowmeter supports liquid flow measurement on or off theoilfield. The meter”s rugged 316 stainless steel housing and rotorsupport assemblies; CD4MCU stainless steel rotor and abrasive-resistanttungsten carbide rotor shaft; and journal bearings, offers long servicelife in operating environments, such as pipelines, production/injectionfields, in-situ mining operations, offshore facilities, and otherindustrial applications. The meter maintains measurement accuracy andmechanical integrity in the corrosive and abrasive fluids commonlyfound in oilfield water flood projects and many industrialapplications. The meter offers accurate and repeatable flow measurementin ranges from 0.6 to 5,000 (20 to 171,000 BPD) and installs on pipesizes _” to 10 inches. The meter integrates electronically withBlancett”s B2800 flow monitor, K-factor scaler, or the F to I/F to Vintelligent converter.