Cole-Parmer”sSolve-Flex is a tubing formulation for the MASTERFLEX peristaltic pumpseries. The co-extruded material features an inert fluoropolymer linerfor resistance to chemically aggressive fluids— particularly harshsolvents — while its soft, flexible outer jacket allows it to be usedin a peristaltic pump. The tubing offers minimal spallation of theouter coating, requiring less maintenance on the pump. The flexiblejacket also allows for easier handling and loading into the pump head.Solve-Flex 96431-series tubing is available in MASTERFLEX L/S 17 andL/S 24 sizes. It is also the only fluoropolymer pump tubing availablein long continuous lengths, providing an unobstructed fluid path. The tubing is manufactured toextremely close tolerances to ensure accurate and repeatable flow.