Automation Products Group”sPG5 digital pressure gauge features a full five-digital display witheasily readable 0.4 in. characters. The unit leverages MEMS-basedsensing technology for reliability and stability and delivers .01-digitresolution as standard through 100 PSI. It is available with rangesfrom vacuum up to 500 PSI, and from zero up to 10,000 PSI, at +/-0.25%accuracy of full scale (B.F.S.L).  The unit is self-powered by astandard 9V battery. The unit incorporates an all-stainless steelsensor that is resistant to most typical vibration and shock exposures.The digital pressure gauges feature a microprocessor-based circuit with”TARE” capability as standard. User-selectable functions includeauto-off (2, 4, 8, 16 or 32 minutes), maximum and minimum readings, andunits of measure (PSI, bar, mbar, kPa, MPa, inH2O, mmHg, inHg, cmHg,kgcm2, or ftH2O). Standard features include a bar graph analog readout,peak hold, and gauge reference pressure. Available optionsinclude 4-20 mA two-wire loop powered output, 0-2 VDC battery poweredoutput, and 0-5 VDC external power outputs. Gauges are also availablewith absolute, sealed or vacuum pressure references, a rear pressureport and up to +/-0.1% full-scale accuracy (B.F.S.L) with NISTcertification (on selected ranges). Other units of measure and processconnection fittings are also available.