Spirax Sarco”s Cool Blue UTD52S Thermo-Dynamic steam traps feature a standard integralstrainer and blowdown engineered for most all-drip andsaturated or superheated steam applications with a maximum temperatureof 750 F (400 C) and a maximum pressure of 450 PSIG (31barg). The steam traps are highly thermally efficient. The small surface of the UTD52Scap reduces heat loss, and the ceramic insulator cover does nottouch the cap, preventing heat conduction and lengthening cycles. Thesteam trapscan be installed vertically or horizontally by means of anindustry-standard universal connector. Every trap in the series is 100percent air tested and steamtested at the factory to guarantee performance. The standard offeringincludes hardened stainless steel disc and seating surface; electrolessnickel-plated cover; trap with integral strainer and blowdown;three-port balanced discharge for long lasting seat; and sizes 1⁄2″(13-mm), 3⁄4″ (19-mm) and one inch (25-mm) NPT or SW. Availableoptions include SW connections to ANSI B16.11, carbon steelconnector, and left-handed connector. A five-year warranty is offeredwhen operating with steam pressures below 300 PSIG (20 barg).