Setra Systems” Model 260 lowdifferential-pressure transducer offers user-selectable pressure rangesand analog outputs, a standard LCD, and AC/DC excitation on voltageoutput operation. At a standard accuracy of 1 percent full scale, theunit is the only multi-range transducer to provide fixed-rangeperformance for all selectable ranges. It is a good fit for HVACcontrol, static room pressure, oven pressurization, furnace draftcontrols, HVAC service, and retrofit and environmental pollutioncontrol. The transducer offers various pressure ranges from 0.1 in.W.C. full scale up through 10 inches W.C. full scale (comparable Pascalranges available as well). All units may be field-configured asunidirectional or bi-directional ranges, which helps reduce inventoryand gives users the flexibility of covering a wide range of typicalHVAC applications with a single unit. The transducer”s capacitance-sensor provides better than 0.5 percent full scale long-term stability.