Swagelok”s SSV series stream selector valve module system delivers a representative sample from multiple sample streams to a single analyzer. The modular assemblies are ANSI/ISA 76.00.02 compatible and accommodate multiple process streams in a limited amount of space. Each stream is controlled by a double-block and bleed (DBB) module to eliminate cross-contamination and maintain sample integrity. As system requirements change, modules can be added or removed. The system”s stream selector feature enables an integrated flow loop to streamline sampling and purging and provide consistent outlet flow. Regardless of which stream is selected, the flowrates of all streams remain consistent. A vented air gap helps prevent mixing of pneumatic actuator supply and system fluid under pressure. Visual and tactile actuation indicators provide confirmation of the system”s operation. Color-coded caps are available for easy identification of the process stream. Inlet and outlet connections are 1/8″ female NPT or Swagelok MPC compatible (ANSI/ISA 76.00.02). A built-in pneumatic actuator provides repetitive shutoff with fewer potential leak points than conventional systems.