Baluff TransducerBalluff has expanded its Micropulse Generation 7 linear-position transducer line to include models with SSI Synchronous Serial Interface. Micropulse SSI-output transducers interface with popular control systems from manufacturers such as Allen-Bradley, Delta Computer, Siemens, Bosch Rexroth, and others. With position resolution to 1 µm, these transducers are a good fit for high-performance linear positioning and closed-loop control applications. The linear-position transducers offer improved performance, higher resistance to mechanical shock and vibration, advanced user-configuration options, and are 100 percent backward-compatible to previous Micropulse transducers. Features include stroke lengths from 25 mm to 7,620 mm; pressure rated to 600 bar; update rates up to 5 kHz for improved dynamic performance; and user-configurable via PC/USB interface. This model is a good fit for use in hydraulic cylinders. –