Spraying Systems PulsajetSpraying Systems Co.’s electrically actuated hydraulic PulsaJet nozzle is FM-approved for spraying alcohol- and solvent-based fluids in Zone 1-rated hazardous locations. The nozzle, which complies with EU safety directives (ATEX and CE) and National Electrical Code 505, provides accurate spray placement and spray pattern integrity in high-speed or low-capacity applications. A good fit for lubricating, dispensing, marking, and coating operations, the nozzle offers high-speed cycling – up to 10,000 cycles per minute – to enable faster line speeds and increased productivity. When used with Spraying Systems’ AutoJet spray controller, the nozzle can be cycled on and off quickly at a controlled frequency to achieve Pulse Width Modulated (PWM) flow control. With PWM flow control, the flowrate can be controlled precisely while pressure remains constant. This enables flowrate to be changed almost instantaneously and allows high flow turndown ratios at a single pressure, so drop size and spray angle are unaffected. Zone 1-rated nozzles are the latest addition to the PulsaJet nozzle line. Standard PulsaJet nozzles are available with a choice of hydraulic or pneumatic atomization and a range of spray tip options. – spray.com