Graco”s PCF metering system ensures a precisely controlled, continuous flow of single-component materials, resulting in smooth, consistent beads, dots and spray patterns. Advanced pressure sensors and flowmeters take feedback from the fluid stream, adjusting the flowrate for even subtle changes in material temperatures, viscosities, dispense rates or robot speeds. Closed-loop technology and real-time adjustments allow the metering system to deliver a highly precise, continuous dispense, saving on material waste and part re-work. A display module provides easy setup, material monitoring and system diagnostics. The user interface simplifies setup, reducing start-up and training time. An integrated USB interface allows users to download process data onto a flash drive for further analysis, and allows for archival of valuable setup parameters.

The metering system offers flowrates to 7,500 CC per minute with a high-resolution helical flowmeter, and up to 37,500 CC per minute with a separate flowmeter.

With the ability to program and control up to four guns, the Graco PCF Metering System handles a wide range of materials at unlimited volumes, including ambient, warm melt and hot melt materials to 400 F (204 C); low to high-viscosity materials. The PCF can be used in industrial and automotive applications such as bead dispensing, gasketing, seam sealing, hem flange, sound deadening, bonding, anti-flutter, body panel reinforcement, profile wrapping and cable filling.