Humphrey Products Co”s SuperQuick Exhaust Valves are designed to outperform flat-disc-typediaphragms found in other valve designs. The valves feature a specialmolded shuttle designed specifically for quick service. The valve alsosolves a common lubrication problem when using small-bore cylinders –i.e., the small displacement of air per cycle results in poorlubrication. The unique design of the valves stops lubricant backflowthrough the control valve on the exhaust cycle, allowing progressiveoil flow to the cylinder. The shuttle”s full-formed seating surfaceprovides long cycle life, and the shuttle design eliminates the needfor flow restricting metal body webbing. Valves are available in arange of port sizes from #10-32 to 3/4″. Operating speeds up to 600CPM, with pressure range to 150 PSIG and working temperature range from-25 F to 180 F.