Approximately $6.8 billion in pipeline construction activities are scheduled to begin in 2008 in the Southwest region of the United States, according to a study by Industrial Info Resources ( Industrial Info is currently tracking the activities of 51 capital projects in the states of Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Arkansas with an average capital value of approximately $133.5 million each. The pipeline projects include crude oil, refined petroleum products, and natural gas transmission. Natural gas transmission-related projects represent the majority of the planned capital expenditures, with $4.8 billion of the total monetary outlays and 38 of the 51 projects currently being tracked.

In geographic terms, Texas represents 40 percent of the planned projects in dollar value at $2.7 billion spread across 24 projects, according to Industrial Info’s estimates. Louisiana has 11 projects pending representing $1.7 billion, and Oklahoma has 10 proposed projects worth an estimated $1.5 billion. Arkansas has six projects representing $883 million in proposed capital spending.

The high majority of the scheduled construction start-ups for these projects begin in a timeframe beginning in February 2008 and ending in June 2008, according to Industrial Info. The completion dates for the majority of the proposed projects falls in a set range of time beginning in October of 2008 and April of 2009, which correspond with the winter heating service for 2008/2009 and the summer cooling demand in 2009.

To see Industrial Info”s chart showing the breakdown of pipeline projects by state, click here (registration required).